Zato statistic implementation

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is a way to implement statistic on Zato. We would like to have:

  • Percentage of error log
  • Percentage of warning log
  • Most called API,
  • etc
    I have tried to google some things but I have found nothing that matchs my requirements. Do you guys have any link, videos, … to help me please

Also, does Zato have any integrated callback method to alert if and log error occured?

Thansk you very much

Yes, there are statistics in the Dashboard, under the “Statistics” menu option.

The general approach to statistics and application-specific monitoring is to read or forward log files to dedicated tools that parse them and extract information that is useful for a given project or application.

AWS CloudWatch, Loki, Prometheus or Tempo are some of the tools that are used by other people for these purposes.

Hi @dsuch

I understand. At this moment, we use Fluentd associated with Kibana for others apps, but not for monitoring Zato. I thought there were integrated features for that. As not, we will integrete Fluentd and Kibana to Zato like our others applications.

Thank very much !!! Really appreciate it