Zato minimal environment requirements

Hi everyone,

I am trying to setup Zato (in Docker) environment for Production. I would like to know if there is a minimal requirement for the server or recommandation?

Thank for your help guyz

Hello @louistwiice,

there is no notion of a minimal server recommendation in isolation of your own production requirements regarding how many messages you process and how fast it needs to be.

I suggest starting with 2 GB of RAM and 2 CPUs to see if this is enough, too much or not enough in your concrete case.


There is a nice tool you can use to see how a given profile holds up under various use cases GitHub - wg/wrk: Modern HTTP benchmarking tool There are many tools like this. They work with a strategy to think about and model the real world usage effectively.

I’ve found that a smaller deployments of Zato can work well for many use cases. As with all Python deployments, it can help to have some form of service manager or supervisor like systemd to restart Zato services if they crash. They do not crash frequently, but it can happen from time to time. I have not tried Zato in either kubernetes, nor my preferred scheduler nomad. Both of those systems can handle scaling and could be worth investigating as a way to launch and run Zato too.

Hi all

Thank you very much. I got it. I’ll try both suggestions and let you know.