Zato isolated in docker container

If we want to isolate just the python portion of zato into a docker container, is this method still approximately the best approach?

Basically (quoted from the post linked above)

the commands that our makefile runs, replacing quickstart

mkdir -p [path to deploy]
zato ca create ca
zato create odb
zato create cluster
zato ca create server
mkdir -p [path to server]
zato create server
zato start
zato enmasse

Is that about right?

Hi Sam,

I am not really sure what it means - to isolate the Python part of Zato into a Docker container?

All of our Docker installation options are here - does that help?


Thanks @dsuch I will review those and likely one of those will work for us.

@dsuch is there any way to see the source code of the Dockerfiles etc used to generate the images up at ?

maybe that is ?

Hello, @samuel.rose
Yes, the code is in that GH repository. We have two Docker images with different purposes:

  • The quickstart image includes all the Zato’s components and is inside docker/quickstart in the repository.
  • A “cloud” image that is intended to be used in cloud environments like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, where every instance is an independent Zato component and is inside docker/cloud in the repository.

In the section “Administration guide” of the documentation are some examples of how to use them.