Zato, is main git branch useable for production


I tried to install the 2.0.7 version with the ‘’ script. That needs a lot of manual tweaks to make it work, because it is quite old.

The current master branch (has release-info 3.0.0rc1) installs relatively smooth. Is that branch more-or-less production ready?

Regards, Jan

Hello @jjmurre,

what do you mean by being quite old and in need of manual tweaks? I don’t understand it.

Hi @dsuch,

I took the last official release from github:

From that checkout I tried to run However, that needs some manual tweaking, e.g.:
Some packages in versions.cfg need to be upped.
There is a checkout step of “django-settings” in the buildout. That seems to be too recent, it is
not compatible with the Django version that is used (1.3.x).
This Django version (1.3.x) is not officially supported anymore.

So, if the current main branch is stable enough, I would rather choose to use that branch.



Hi @jjmurre,

please feel free to use the main branch but if you’d actually prefer 2.0.x series, then you can build what is to become 2.0.8 from the support/2.0 branch.

That branch, support/2.0, only receives backports and fixes, which is unlike main, which will become 3.0 with new features.