Zato Heroku Deploy

Curious if anyone has attempted a Zato Heroku deploy? If I can succeed I will be sure to share here how it worked.

Looks like the only feasible way of doing this is via docker deploy, for what it’s worth

Hi Sam,

do I understand it correctly that you installed Zato on Heroku using Docker?

What other deployment method would you like to have in addition to it?

Thanks for response, I will follow up on this eventually. I ended up abandoning Heroku as a platform. But I did make some progress so I will share it when I have some time.

Just an update on this:

@dsuch I was not using docker after all, but rather just using custom buildback

I am also exploring custom buildpacks for running zato on which also uses the buildpack spec

I will try to make this work with heroku first, and will post details here