Zato environment variables at startup - not being set until manual restart


I am using Python Informix (IfxPy) library to add integration to an Informix data base.

This requires 3 additional library paths added to the zato environment (LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

But I am struggling to set this path early enough.

I have defined a bashr_zato that is mapped into the container

–mount type=bind,source=$src/bashrc_zato,target=/opt/zato/.bashrc_zato

And it is present, but it seems that this isn’t read early enough when zato starts.

What I have found, is that I have to manually restart the zato service inside the container, once it has finished starting the first time, for the environment variable (as read from .bashrc_zato) to be defined.

Once this happens, then code dependant of IfxPy import will work, prior to that the hot-deploy fails with library not found.

Clearly I am missing something :wink: