Zato 3.1 released


I am very happy to let you know that Zato 3.1 is now out.

This is a regularly scheduled yearly release with new features, additions, changes and enhancements.

What is new in Zato 3.1

Here are the main changes in the newest version:

  • Greatly enhanced support for Docker, including Quickstart, Swarm and Kubernetes
  • Python 3 is now fully supported in addition to Python 2.7
  • New connectors and adapters: MongoDB, LDAP (Active Directory), Apache Kafka, SFTP, Slack, Telegram and JSON-RPC
  • Extensions to Single Sign-On: two-factor authentication and multi-credentials accounts
  • Rate-limiting and IP white-listing, including hierarchical definitions
  • Extensions to WebSockets: outgoing connections and broadcasts
  • A range of security enhancements, including TOTP two-factor authentication in web-admin
  • General performance boosts - both run-time and server startup



Cheers, @dsuch! Great job! I’ll continue testing as soon as possible.

Were you able to add support for Zato services to act as message queue consumers/subscribers?

Thank you @jsabater!

That feature is not implemented yet but it is in the queue and will be backported to 3.1 once it is done.

Just like it was the case with 3.0, which received periodical backports from 3.1 for as long they were backward-compatible, version 3.1 will also keep receiving changes that will be put out in the next year’s release provided they can be easily backported.

The release model that we have is that a stable yearly release lets one plan upgrades in a predictable manner, yet at the same time new functionality can be added under the assumptions above, which means 100% compatibility with the already released stable version.

Congratulations on yet another release.

Looking forward to testing Zato 3.1! I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions, but that is for other threads :smiley:

Very much looking forward to that, as it is key for my needs, but I’ll keep on testing as much as possible of all the other features, and thanks again for the excellent work :slight_smile: