Zato 3.1 quickstart - Load Balancer's agent check failed

trying to set up a quickstart cluster and get this error message:

[zato@lwapptst053 test]$ ./
Starting Zato cluster quickstart-156458
Checking configuration
[1/8] Redis connection OK
[2/8] SQL ODB connection OK
[3/8] Checking TCP ports availability
Port taken 11223 (Load-balancer)
Port taken 20151 (Load-balancer’s agent)
Port taken 17010 (server1)
Port taken 17011 (server2)
File “/opt/zato/current/bin/zato”, line 11, in
load_entry_point(‘zato-cli’, ‘console_scripts’, ‘zato’)()
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 415, in main
return run_command(args)
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 377, in run_command
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 653, in run
return_code = self.execute(args)
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 935, in execute
return self._get_dispatch()json_data[‘component’]
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 115, in _on_lb
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 66, in run_check_config
‘secret_key’: self.args.secret_key,
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 935, in execute
return self._get_dispatch()json_data[‘component’]
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 257, in _on_lb
self.ensure_json_config_port_free(‘Load balancer’s agent’, None, lba_conf)
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 62, in ensure_json_config_port_free
self.ensure_port_free(prefix, conf[‘port’], address)
File “/opt/zato/3.1.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/”, line 55, in ensure_port_free
raise Exception(’{} check failed. Address {} already taken.’.format(prefix, address))
Exception: Load balancer’s agent check failed. Address localhost:20151 already taken.

Hello @badsequel,

it looks that you already have an environment running when you attempt to run the script which is why it says that the ports are taken and then ultimately fails to start the components.

Can you make sure that any previously started instances are stopped? Alternatively, you can use

Hi @dsuch

The solution turned out to be pkill -u zato.

Apparently I had a faulty quickstart environment running in the background that would not shut down with zato-qs-stop or restart.