Zato 2.0.7 installs sqlalchemy 0.9.9 - is this a hard dependancy or can we use 1.1?


There are a few specific parts of Sqlalchemy 1.1.1 that I would like to use (same source for different projects) but Zato seems pinned to 0.9.9.

Any plans for later revisions of Sqlalchemy 1.1x in 2.0.7 - I haven’t look at 3.0 .


Hello @thoffman - this is not a hard dependency in the sense that you can update it but I don’t think this new version of SQLAlchemy will be added for 2.0.8 or 2.0.9 (if it comes to this version) because apparently quite a few things changed in SA recently so I would not want to introduce differences that are subtle, yet possibly breaking, in Zato patch releases. Thanks.