Which workflow tool to use with Zato

Hi All,

I’ve been looking for a decent workflow framework to use with Zato as I don’t want to fall to the temptation of using Zato to manage my workflow tasks.

The closest match i’ve found for me so far is Prefect with Dask.
But I was wondering what others use or if there’s anything else I should have my attention drawn to.

Hi @stew,

can you say a bit more about the requirements before the workflow framework that you have and what the temptation that you do not want to fall into is?

Thank you.

I’ve been experimenting and trying to find a workflow tool to provide my clients with a resilient business rule engine for a while now.
I like Zato’s integration simplicity (the ESB bit) if I need to add (or even receive) integration from one of the many 3rd party appliances that dot my industry, but I’d also like to have a more resilient and reliable workflow system to work through (sometimes fairly convoluted) business workflows.
For instance, a customer might require a file to arrive from a 3rd party (of many), then it would need to have many appliances actions be run against a given file, depending on many differing steps depending on information obtained from different data sources ranging from databases to the files themselves, some of these steps may need to be skipped or altered based on previous actions.
My primary challenge with native code is providing something which adds minimal complexity so it can be easier to maintain as clients like to change their mind and want to add steps in intermittantly. I’m also after something that I can build a pretty reporting UI over the top of that can show a given client live status of all run jobs.
In addition to this, retry logic would need to be clean and a separation of code failure compared to workflow failure needs to be defined.

Primarily I don’t want to pick the wrong tool and I’m always interested in at least looking at as many solutions as I can so I can make a better decision.

All of what you mentioned are typical enterprise integration requirements and I do not see any difficulties with handling them.

Zato does not have a workflow engine though so if you would like to have out-of-the-box reports such as ‘List all process instances in such and such state started in the last N hours’ or ‘List all process instances that take more than N minutes to get from step A to step B’ then this is not something built into the platform.

A workflow engine is a nice idea but it is a bigger task that would require a project with a client interested in sponsoring the work - as soon as such a project takes place, this will be added.

This is why I’ve been looking for something to add to the stack (like the Prefect/Dask thing I mentioned).
I was more after seeing if anyone else has tried this, or even if there are any other frameworks others are using in conjunction with Zato successfully.