What is the canonical way to add extra python packages to my Zato server


I installed Zato on ubuntu using the debian installer. My project needs the pymssql package. Installing it with
/opt/zato/current/bin/pip install pymssql works like a charm.

Is this the canonical way to add extra packages to your Zato server? Maybe from a provisioning viewpoint there are better alternatives?



Hi @jjmurre,

using pip sounds fine.

There is another way, that of updating versions.cfg and buildout.cfg files but if you are more familiar with pip than buildout then pip install package-name is perfectly fine.

However, if a dependency is not on PyPI nor any other package index (such as your own internal one) then you can place individual Python modules in zato_extra_paths too.


Thanx, I am a long-time buildout user, I’ll go for buildout.