Webhook pattern in zato?

Has anyone done a “webhook” pattern with zato? I can see ways to handle most of this with Zato with a few integrated services

Django for instance has https://thorn.readthedocs.io/en/stable/getting-started/django.html

Hi @samuel.rose,

since Zato 3.0, we have multi-protocol publish/subscribe topics and message queues. REST is one of the supported protocols.

Essentially, this turns Zato into a full-featured message broker in addition to all the other features.


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That sounds intriguing - do you mean a new security type, along with Basic Auth, JWT etc. that would actually be a Zato service itself, receiving an incoming request on input and deciding if it to be let in or not?


No doubt this could be a useful addition - would you open a GitHub ticket for it to ensure this will be implemented? Thanks.

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