Stable version does not allow creating more than one cluster

I try to create new cluster in the same ODB i get this error.

IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) duplicate key «rbac_role_pkey»
DETAIL: key already exists (id)=(0).
‘INSERT INTO rbac_role (id, name, parent_id, cluster_id) VALUES (%(id)s, %(name)s, %(parent_id)s, %(cluster_id)s)’ {‘parent_id’: None, ‘cluster_id’: 18, ‘name’: u’Root’, ‘id’: 0}

Investigate the error and it is because in the support/2.0 branch you have set the id to 0 in the create cluster command but in the branch main does not have that line

I need to know which branch is stable for use in production.
I do not use the quickstart command.

PD: I have a lot of time working in zato, I know pros and cons of this system and I would like to contribute in this great project, but my English is not very good, I speak Spanish.

Hello @jupiter,

yes, you are right - this was changed in the main development branch but wasn’t backported to support/2.0 which is the branch that 2.0.x releases are built from. I have just added this commit to support/2.0 too and it will be released in the future in 2.0.9:

Unless you have specific requirements or unless you are directed to do otherwise by support, the software to use in production is the one that the documentation describes to install from packages, i.e. DEBs or RPMs : In terms of which branch these packages are built from, this is support/2.0.

It’s also great to hear that you’d like to contribute to Zato! I’d like to guide you in the right direction but it would be very useful if you could describe a bit more what you are mostly interested in?

What particular branches of programming you find most rewarding? Frontend programming? Databases? API testing? Deployment automation? What libraries and frameworks do you like the most? What new would like you to see in Zato? What parts of Zato would you see extended to better cover your requirements at work?

Basically, I would like to suggest the parts of the project that best suit your needs and interests.


Great, thanks for the quick response and apply the correction on the branch.

I have many ideas and doubts, I will write a complete report and I will publish it here in a new topic.

Thank you very much