Python 3 support preview



I am happy to let you know that Python 3 support is available in Zato as a developer preview. Follow the instructions below to install it in your system.

  • Clone the repository:

    $ git clone
    $ cd zato
  • Build Zato from source, providing the name of the Python binary to use

    $ ./code/ -p python3.4
  • In the line above, python3.4 needs to point to an actual command, either via $PATH or as an absolute path, such as /usr/bin/python3.6

  • If you do not specify any Python binary, python2.7 will be used to preserve backward compatibility

  • Confirm the installation:

    $ ./code/bin/zato --version
    Zato 3.0.0+rev.a1b8e667-py3.4.3
  • You can freely mix Python 2.7 and Python 3 in your environments - for instance, existing Python 2.7 environments can be used with Python 3 or the other way around

  • The point above means that it will be possible for current Python 2.7-based environments to start to use Python 3 as soon as Python 3 support is fully merged to supported branches - there will be no need to create new environments

  • If you spot anything unexpected make sure you git pull and, if it still persists, report it either here or through GitHub




please note that Python 3 support is now merged to the main branch of development, to be released as Zato 3.1 in June 2019.

However, Python 3-related functionality will not be backported to branch support/3.0 - this is the moment when branches main and support/3.0 diverge.


Nice work! Thank you!