Plugin mechanism for outgoing connectors


As far as I can see in the docs, there is no plugin mechanism to add your own custom connectors to Zato.
How easy would it be to add a custom outgoing connector in the current Zato codebase?
This connector would not need to have webadmin UI, configuration using enmasse would be sufficient.

Regards, Jan

There’s new connection types coming in with version 4 of Zato, but I am not sure about the plug-in mechanism. At least not yet.

You may want to add a request in Zato’s tracker with an explanation of such feature and any other information you may find useful :slight_smile:

The upcoming release will be of a much more incremental nature as opposed to the rather big leap from 2.0 to 3.0.

We will have eventually plugins and works on SFTP are actually part of it. Having SFTP means first having good utilities to start connections in subprocesses. This is partly done for the purposes of IBM MQ connections but needs to be made more generic.

Its relation to plugins is that there is no knowing in advance what kind of plugins anyone will want to create so we need to support such cases as SFTP which require subprocesses to make sure every kind of connection will work, even if the underlying library is not 100% gevent-friendly.

Put differently, I realize that plugins are needed but I really want to make sure they can cover a wide range of use-cases (connection types) and for that some internal works are needed first.