Open telemetry integration

Hi everyone,

I would like to integrate opentelemetry to zato. Is there any tutorial or useful links about this??

Thank you guyz for your help

Hi Steve,

I can see that there is a Python API for Open Telemetry but I do not have experience with using it.

One you learn more yourself, be sure to leave a message here in the forum with details of how you did it.


One idea is to create a zato service that uses the python OT sdk and api to collect and route metrics.

Then, in other services, you can call it like Zato | Invoking other services async_invoke

In addition, for all the internal data and metrics for zato itself, logs, loadbalancer, etc, you can create a service that also feeds those into the OT zato service. This is a bit of work, but it’s one way to do it. And, these OT services could be re-used across zato instances.