ODOO service examples


I’m just looking at zato for odoo integration and would like to see a couple of examples reading from odoo and writing to odoo including the use of SIO can anyone help?

Thank you in advance


Hi Marc,

I’d be happy to author a sample Odoo/SimpleIO service but can you please recommend a public Odoo instance to connect to so that we can have access to the same backend Odoo server?



Have set-up a public instance with the demo data

DB: zato
User: admin

Feel free to change the password.
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Just a general note: the odoo xml-rpc API is documented here:


This is the API I integrated with via zato in the past via https://zato.io/docs/progguide/examples/odoo.html

The odoo documentation above give examples of “searching” the odoo API, and the zato doc has an example of searching the user model of odoo from a zato service. I was able to use this data in a django app via zato.

Hello @richarddijkstra,

I’d like to ask whether you are interested in making use of Zato in your Odoo-related projects or if you are interested in extending Zato to cover functionality beyond Odoo? Or both? :slight_smile:


Hello @richarddijkstra,

just for reference, I’d not say that Zato is tightly integrated with Odoo. Odoo is one technologies and products that you can connect to but this is not a tight integration in the sense that Zato depends on Odoo or the other way around.

As to the question whether Zato could connect to multiple Odoo instances - yes, this is definitely doable. You just need to create as many outgoing Odoo connections as needed and then refer to them in your code by their names.


In other words, you can connect to as many systems, including different versions of Odoo, as needed. There are no limits such as 1 Zato cluster = 1 Odoo server, nothing of that sort.