ODB SSL connectivity for Docker Quickstart

Hello everyone.

How can I go about connecting to a MySQL instance that uses SSL? (I’m referring to the ODB connection for a Docker Quickstart container)

I see that ODB_USERNAME and ODB_PASSWORD and other env vars are supported… Is there something like ODB_SSL_CA, ODB_SSL_CERT and ODB_SSL_KEY?

Thanks for the help.

Hello @JoelVega,

this is an SQL engine-specific piece of configuration and you need to find a corresponding SQLAlchemy option for that.

Here are various examples of how to do it.

When you have found it, please report back here with an answer. Thanks.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Does this apply to Zato’s own database connection? I’m talking about the database where Zato will store its own data (cluster, servers, services, etc)…

The article you linked seems to refer to SQL connections to “other SQL sources”, the ones that will be used by services.

Connections to the Operational Database (ODB) are configured in server.conf, key [odb].

Extra SQLAlchemy parameters are under key odb.extra, e.g. extra=echo=True will echo all SQL queries.