(Migrated) Zato not reconnecting to rabbit

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I don’t think the heartbeat is working properly, I know that there was an issue in zato 2.0.3. if I had a heartbeat interval > 0, the connection to rabbit was dropped after a random time, on zato 2.0.5 this is not a problem anymore, however setting the heartbeat to 10,20,30, and turning off rabbitmq, zato never reconnects, the only way I was able to reconnect is by editing the AMQP connection or restarting zato servers. This is a significant problem as I had this case happened this weekend, and the rabbit server that zato connects ran out of memory because zato was unable to pull the messages after the network issue. I’m almost certain that this is a zato issue because I was able to replicate this on my local and also, there was another clients connected with celery that were able to reconnect successfully.

Any idea of what might be wrong, or where to start debugging this? I can help fixing this issue if needed.