(Migrated) use union unique index for host and path please

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when I add outgoing , =C2=A0host is different but use the same path , rai=
se error like=EF=BC=8C

use union unique index=C2=A0for host and path please

IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) duplicate key value violates unique cons=
traint =22http=5Fsoap=5Furl=5Fpath=5Fkey=22
=22INSERT INTO http=5Fsoap (id, name, is=5Factive, is=5Finternal, connec=
tion, transport, host, url=5Fpath, method, soap=5Faction, soap=5Fversion,=
data=5Fformat, service=5Fid, cluster=5Fid, security=5Fid) VALUES (nextva=
l(‘http=5Fsoap=5Fseq’), %(name)s, %(is=5Factive)s, %(is=5Finternal)s, %(c=
onnection)s, %(transport)s, %(host)s, %(url=5Fpath)s, %(method)s, %(soap=5F=
action)s, %(soap=5Fversion)s, %(data=5Fformat)s, %(service=5Fid)s, %(clus=
ter=5Fid)s, %(security=5Fid)s) RETURNING http=5Fsoap.id=22 =7B’name’: u’X=
CXD=5FWMS=5FSKU’, ‘soap=5Fversion’: u’’, ‘is=5Finternal’: =46alse, ‘is=5F=
active’: True, ‘data=5Fformat’: None, ‘soap=5Faction’: u’’, ‘host’: u’htt=
p://wms.ec3s.net’, ‘connection’: ‘outgoing’, ‘cluster=5Fid’: 1, ‘service=5F=
id’: None, ‘security=5Fid’: None, ‘url=5Fpath’: u’/api/products/sync-prod=
ucts’, ‘method’: None, ‘transport’: ‘plain=5Fhttp’=7D


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