(Migrated) Unknown service exception

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I=E2=80=99m getting the following exception on 2 environments:

Caught an exception, cid:[K05J1EE16WXVR6WBP7B46F0868YH], =
status_code:[500], _format_exc:[Traceback (most recent call last):
File =
py", line 198, in dispatch
payload, worker_store, self.simple_io_config, post_data)
File =
py", line 351, in handle
File =
"/opt/zato/2.0.3/zato-server/src/zato/server/service/init.py", line =
423, in update_handle
raise e
NameError: Operation timed out after 12001 milliseconds with 0 bytes =

Probably this is related to a service that is calling an outgoing http =
connection, but the thing is that all the outgoing http connections =
timeout are set to 30 seconds, and this is timing out at 12, so is there =
a setting that is overriding my connection timeouts? or this is coming =
from somewhere else?=

On 11/06/15 18:21, Ivan Villareal wrote:

NameError: Operation timed out after 12001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

Hi Ivan,

there’s nothing in Zato cutting requests short after 12001 milliseconds.

Are you sure the other side doesn’t have a timeout of 12 s set?

What happens if you change the outgoing connection’s timeout to 3
seconds? Does is still use 12 seconds instead?

On 11/06/15 19:39, Ivan Villareal wrote:

Because this problem is sporadic, and I’m not sure what service triggers this,

If it’s over HTTP then http_access.log will contain an entry for the
CID, e.g.: K04DJANPN0E0JPEV00MJEZRDJ04K/0.009331 “admin.invoke.json”
[01/Jun/2015:21:24:17 +0200] “POST /zato/admin/invoke HTTP/1.1” 200 205
"-" “python-requests/2.6.0 CPython/2.7.6 Linux/3.16.0-38-generic”

First item is the caller’s IP. The second one is the CID/response time.
Third one is the channel that a given service was invoked through.

Does that help?