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Here is my last server log

Server 1 log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mcgzcf3tj01ol9/server1.log?dl=0
Server 2 log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5j3naj9w3wf8yy/server2.log?dl=0

Thank you :D,

Can you do the following?

Save the following code as protodinas.py and execute it:

import requests

$ /opt/zato/1.1/bin/py protodinas.py

I expect that it will return the same exception. If it doesn’t, please
post a message here.

If it does, the next steps are:

  • Open /opt/zato/1.1/versions.cfg
  • Set gevent to 1.0
  • Save the file
  • cd /opt/zato/1.1
  • ./bin/buildout
  • Stop and start both servers

Run the code snippet again and confirm that it looks as here:

$ /opt/zato/1.1/bin/py protodinas.py
<Response [200]>

The idea is to upgrade gevent to 1.0 - let’s confirm if it helps.