(Migrated) Quickstart guide doesn't work! (for me!)

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Hi Everybody!
I'm new in a Zato world, and I tried to install and run it following the tutorial (https://zato.io/docs/tutorial/01.html).
Unfortunately something goes wrong and I see in logs/server.log this error:
OperationalError: (OperationalError) database is locked u'SELECT service.id AS service_id, service.name AS service_name, service.is_active AS service_is_active, service.impl_name AS service_impl_name, service.is_internal AS service_is_internal, service.wsdl AS service_wsdl, service.wsdl_name AS service_wsdl_name, service.slow_threshold AS service_slow_threshold, service.cluster_id AS service_cluster_id \nFROM service JOIN cluster ON service.cluster_id = cluster.id \nWHERE service.name = ? AND cluster.id = ?' (u'zato.definition.amqp.get-list', 1)
Someone can help me in some way? Thanks a lot.

On 23/03/15 17:35, Robert asda wrote:

Someone can help me in some way? Thanks a lot.

Hello Robert,

can you please send in a few dozen lines from server.log before that

Are you using SQLite? What operation system is it? Also, is it Zato 2.0?