(Migrated) Quickstart fails to complete

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I’m trying a zato 2.0.1 installation on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server; quicks=
tart fails to progress beyond the “Load-balancer created” step. Running wi=
th the -verbose flag, no errors are produced as far as I can tell. How can=
I find out what’s happening here?

Output from the quickstart command is:

Key/value database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the kvdb_password again (will not be echoed):
[1/8] Certificate authority created
[2/8] ODB schema created
[3/8] ODB initial data created
[4/8] server1 created
[5/8] server2 created
[6/8] Load-balancer created

And then returns to a shell.
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On 17/02/15 19:57, Andrew Todd wrote:

How can I find out what’s happening here?

Hi Andrew,

can you please send:

  • The quickstart command’s input parameters
  • Output from the ‘tree’ command against the directory that was to
    contain the environment