(Migrated) Load Balancer not starting

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Please bear with me, I’m very new to Zato and just trying to get my feet
wet by following the tutorial at https://zato.io/docs/tutorial/01.html.

I installed all required components and followed to the point where Zato
is started with ./zato-qs-start.sh, getting the same output. However,
the load balancer does not run, nothing is listening on port 11223.
Everything else seems to run.

Under loadbalancer/logs, all logs have zero length except lb-agent.log
which has only some INFO level entries.

There is a loadbalancer/pidfile, but the pid in there it is not running.
The loadbalancer/config/repo/lb-agent.conf is this:

“haproxy_command”: “haproxy”,
“host”: “localhost”,
“port”: 20151,
“keyfile”: “./zato-lba-priv-key.pem”,
“certfile”: “./zato-lba-cert.pem”,
“ca_certs”: “./zato-lba-ca-certs.pem”,
“work_dir”: “…/”,
“verify_fields”: {},
“log_config”: “./logging.conf”,
“pid_file”: “zato-lb-agent.pid”

Strangely, the pid_file is named differently here, but changing the name
did not help.

What can cause this problem? What other logs can I examine?

I’m running Zato 2.0.2 from master on Ubuntu 14.04.

On 03/03/15 18:50, Christoph Zwerschke wrote:

Hi Christoph,

“pid_file”: “zato-lb-agent.pid”

There are two PID files:

  • pidfile
  • zato-lb-agent.pid

The former is for the load-balancer, the latter is for its agent, i.e.
the process which accepts remote commands and passes them into the
load-balancer’s UNIX socket.


What can cause this problem?

Can you please send in the version of HAProxy you are using? As user
’zato’, please run

$ haproxy -v
HA-Proxy version 1.5.10 2014/12/31
Copyright 2000-2014 Willy Tarreau w@1wt.eu


I’m running Zato 2.0.2 from master on Ubuntu 14.04.

Just for clarification - 2.0.x are built from support/2.0 rather than
master. Indeed, master is already 2.1.0pre1.

On 03/03/15 19:40, Christoph Zwerschke wrote:

It says HA-Proxy version 1.4.24 2013/06/17

Ok, thanks.

Now, can you please run …

$ haproxy -dV -f /path/to/load-balancer/config/repo/zato.config

… and send the output to the list?

Am 03.03.2015 um 19:47 schrieb Dariusz Suchojad:

Now, can you please run …

$ haproxy -dV -f /path/to/load-balancer/config/repo/zato.config

It says:

Available polling systems :
sepoll : pref=400, test result OK
epoll : pref=300, test result OK
poll : pref=200, test result OK
select : pref=150, test result FAILED
Total: 4 (3 usable), will use sepoll.
Using sepoll() as the polling mechanism.
[ALERT] 061/194957 (1179) : cannot bind socket for UNIX listener
(load-balancer/haproxy-stat.sock). Aborting.
[ALERT] 061/194957 (1179) : [haproxy.main()]
Some protocols failed to start their listeners! Exiting.

And by the way, you’re right, I installed the stable 2.0 version, not
from master.