(Migrated) gevent scheduling

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speaking of the scheduler - it was rewritten from scratch for 2.0 and
its core is now composed of this single module:


I’d say 95% of it is reusable outside of Zato in any gevent-based

So if you run Django on gunicorn or have other apps on top of gevent -
you could use the scheduler almost immediately without really using Zato
the main software itself.

If anyone would like to help out in turning the scheduler into its own
PyPI zato.gevent-scheduler package - please get in touch.

It won’t be difficult, simply the module needs to be extracted out, some
commons moved around so the library doesn’t depend on anything related
to Zato proper, setup.py + requirements.txt be added and the whole of it
can be uploaded to PyPI having first added user docs on how to use it.