(Migrated) German translation of the ESB/SOA intro - can you proofread it?

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I was offered a German translation of the ESB/SOA intro and its first
version is here


Here is the same text in English


Now, the trick is, it’s been prepared by a non-technical person. I’m
very thankful it’s been done but still it needs some proofreading.

My command of German doesn’t exist but I know some of the list
subscribers know the language at least very well - do you think you
could spend an hour on having a look at it and letting me know what
should be fixed/updated?

It’s here on GitHub


and the English source is here


(Note that the branch is esb-soa-de, not master)

Actually, if someone’s thinking of contributing to the project,
translating this article could be a very good step as it deals more with
the project’s philosophy rather than with any particular Zato version or
indeed, with any ESB at all.

It takes only some 1-2 hours to do it and would be a very nice contribution.

Many, many thanks and take care!