(Migrated) Contributors - easy tickets

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I’ve spoken about it with Amit on IRC


and below please find several tickets that should be easy for
contributors to get started with:


#277 Upgrade to Django 1.6
#266 Make sure Django uses pg8000 (and make it configurable)
#235 Move HTMLService from zato-labs to core


#277 - We are currently on Django 1.3 and we can upgrade to 1.6.
However, there are some points to watch out for:

  • ‘zato start/stop ./web-admin’ use Django’s API that got changed around

  • The client library to log into web-admin using OpenID is not
    compatible with anything beyond Django 1.3 - need to either patch it or
    produce a fix for upstream.

In any case, environments created with Zato 1.1 and Django 1.3 must
continue to work seamlessly with Zato 2.0 and Django 1.6.

#266 - Servers by default use a pure-Python pg8000 Postgres driver.
Being pure-Python means there are no gotchas with gevent-based Zato servers.

Now web-admin could make use of it as well. This should be configurable
though and a key in web-admin.conf should be introduced to control, e.g:

“postgres_engine”:“pg8000”, or

#235 - In zato-labs we have a service whose subclasses can produce HTML
output using Django templates


This should be moved to zato.server.service.internal.helpers


On a side - and that needs to be a separate ticket on GH,
zato.server.service.internal.helpers needs to be moved to
zato.server.service.helpers so that the ‘internal’ part doesn’t scare
anyone off.

Please, let’s discuss it here or in GH if anyone would like to tackle
them. The tickets are about right for starters methinks - not too
trivial and not too overwhelming.

Also, check out here for more information on how to set up a development



thank you,