(Migrated) Alembic migrations

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I’d like to let you know in recent git versions - from commit
1081f3461c116fd103de4f7a2799b9669d215064 onwards - it’s possible to use
Alembic to migrate to newer versions of Zato’s ODB.


Up until now, when one was using a version from git master and a new git
pull brought changes that modified the SQL database, the whole
environment had to be recreated so that the ODB got re-populated from

Now, for new environments created using
1081f3461c116fd103de4f7a2799b9669d215064 or newer, it’s possible to:

$ cd /opt/zato/git/code
$ vim ./alembic.ini
[update sqlalchemy.url key to match the environment]

$ ./bin/alembic upgrade head

The last step updates the SQL database to the latest version.

Please note that environments prior to
1081f3461c116fd103de4f7a2799b9669d215064 will not be able to make use of
this path.

However, command line tools for migrating from 1.1 to 2.0 will be
created by 2.0.

Only git versions between the time 1.1 was released and
1081f3461c116fd103de4f7a2799b9669d215064 cannot use Alembic in such a