(Migrated) about Zato in Docker container

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Hello, I’m trying to get a docker container with Centos and Zato using a
rpm package of zato…
First I found that the rpm package Dariusz give me to test wasn’t updating
the PATH variable… now I have some problems and workarounds of how to use
it into docker containers:

  • if Redis(kvdb) and Postgresql(odb) are into docker containers and you
    will use docker links to connect the containers… you will need to use
    hostnames and skydns or other service to detect the internat ip address of
    the other containers
  • a problem I can’t solve yet is that the zato’s quickstart always ask
    (interactively) for odb’s and kvdb 's user password even if I add it to the
    stored config file… and it can’t be empty via the command line

any other idea of how to do this?