(Migrated) 2.0 feature freeze

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I’d like to announce a feature freeze - unless someone
contributes/sponsors them, no new features will be added to 2.0 apart
from those already listed in these tickets

As of now we have 108 tickets closed (mostly features) and 25 tickets open.

There are several areas that need wrapping up:

  • LDAP
  • Redis-based HTTP publish/subscribe
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • REST services
  • Cassandra
  • TLS
  • Moving things over from zato-labs to core
  • General cleanup

I’d like to focus on these ones and not add anything else lest 2.0 will
be constantly postponed.

In future, I’d like to rethink the release schedule and make it time
based, i.e. with at least one full release a year around a well known
date. But for now, let’s focus on 2.0.

Many thanks!