Messages & Alpine

Hello, I’ve created a service zato on a docker container to basically send a CURL command to service and this service send a email to a Alpine client. But for some reason the email are don’t received on Alpine, I have no error entries on logs. I’m not sure if something is happening in Zato or is it a problem in Alpine, but I would like to know how to find more evidence because in the logs nothing is returned. I post my service source code below. Thank you!

Hello Felipe, I can not find your service source code.

Can you see messages in the Docker logs?

You should be able to use “self.logger” to send messages to the logs. For example, you can use a line like “‘SERVICE EXECUTED’)” in your service and in the Docker logs you will see something like:

zato_1 | 2020-03-23 02:36:27,484 DEBG ‘zatoserver1’ stdout output:
zato_1 | 2020-03-23 02:36:27,483 - INFO - 551:DummyThread-137 - my-service.send-email:0 - SERVICE EXECUTED

This way you can check if the service is executed by your curl command.


Hello anielks

The problem was solved when a cache option was not checked, as well as showing neither errors nor messages

Grateful for the support.