Last PyCharm and Zato IDE hot-deployment plugin

Hello guys,

I have PyCharm 2018.1.1 (Professional Edition). Build #PY-181.4445.76, built on April 9, 2018.

The plugin seems to be compatible with the builds 163—173.*, any tentative to make it compatible with the latest build of PyCharm?


Hello @fahani,

do you experience any issues or difficulties with installation or later on, with its usage?


Hello @dsuch,

the difficulties I’m experiencing is that the plugin won’t show up in the plugin or browse repositories window:

I tried to download and install it from “install plugin from disk…” option but it throws the message:

I hope that helps.


Hi @fahani,
a new version of the plugin which is compatible with 181.x and later is being prepared. It’ll be available soon in the IDE. I’ll add a note here when it is available.

Thanks @jansorg!

I’ll wait for it

Hi @fahani ,
the new plugin update has finally been approved by JetBrains and is now available in your IDE. Please reply if there’s still an issue with the plugin in PyCharm.

Hello @jansorg, it works great now, thanks!