Key errors on endpoint urls

I am getting strange key errors like this:

File “/opt/zato/2.0.7/zato-server/src/zato/server/connection/http_soap/”, line 176, in dispatch
sec = self.url_data.url_sec[channel_item[‘match_target’]]
KeyError: u’:::/bookingstreet/reservations/{reservation_id}/bookings’

Always with a ‘:::’ at the beginning.

After a reset of Zato, these errors disappear for a while.

Regards, Jan

Hi Rafal,

See image with settings below. It happens on both servers. After my last restart it did not come back. My suspicion now is that I had two channels and defined the same url path for both of them (which is not allowed as I read later on in the documentation). I changed one of the url paths to only have unique url paths. Is it possible that this caused the problem?

Regards, Jan

Thanks @jjmurre - I have bookmarked this matter for investigation under this GitHub ticket: