Integrate outgoing with delete method and body request

Hi everyone,

I need to integrate a delete method that use a body request, (I know this is not the standard) but this is the API that I need to integrate

        payload = {"id":"1234"}
        platform_response = outgoing_platform_request.conn.delete(self.cid, payload)
        self.response.payload = platform_response.text
curl -X 'DELETE' \
  'https:/domain/api/' \
  -H 'accept: */*' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  "id": "string"


2022-08-05 03:32:25,940 - INFO - 543:DummyThread-171 - zato.server.connection.http_soap.outgoing:0 - CID:`51b800a84323463de149d1bd`, address:`https:/domain/api/`, qs:`{'id': '123'}`, auth_user:`None`, kwargs:`{}`

But the API report the request body is not sent, I tested the API with post-man and works fine. Only with zato is the problem with the delete that has a body request

If anyone can help me I will appreciate a lot

Hello Jason,

if you would like to get any support from this forum then basic manners are expected from you.

This includes the usage of words such as “Hello”, “Hi”, “Please” or “Thank you”.


Thanks for you feedback, I edit my post
Sorry if my question some a little rude o something like that, English is not my native language

Hello @JSF0000,

this is done - depending on how you installed Zato, please create a new Docker Quickstart container or install the latest updates and this will work as you requested.