How to configure Zato Dashboard with HTTPS?

Dear Zato team,
I am new here. Trying to see if we can use Zato to integration of our internal systems.
The first question I have is, how can I enable Zato Dashboard with HTTPS instead of Http?


Hello Gavin,

now that you asked the question - I recognize that it is a good idea to make the Dashboard listed on HTTPS directly too as, currently, there always needs to be something in front of the Dashboard to achieve it.

What happens in practice is this:

  • People use VPNs to connect to their cloud environments
  • People use or do not use VPNs in their own internal networks but, because they are internal, people do not feel a strong need for HTTPS in the Dashboard
  • There is a reverse proxy or load-balancer in front of their Dasbhoards. For instance:
    • Zato runs under Docker on a Linux host with a Dashboard listening on localhost:8043. On the host, a reverse proxy listening on (e.g. HAProxy) has Let’s Encrypt configured for HTTPS certificates.
    • Zato may run in a cloud environment (e.g. AWS) and that cloud provider’s load-balancer will auto-generate or otherwise support TLS certificates on its own.

All that said, I agree once more that it will be good to support TLS certificates directly in the Dashboard as well.