Function similar to unlink in Zato

I am developing a zato and odoo connection, my problem is that I want to delete an instance, in odoo I use ‘unlink’ and I would like to know if there is a similar function in zato.

Hello @Marlon,

it is not clear what the “unlink” function in Odoo does and what it is that you would like to achieve, what “an instance” is.

Please provide fully working Odoo code and we will see about translating it into Zato.


Hi thanks for replying, after testing a bit I found the answer and it is that you can use the same parameter unlink to delete, I use unlink to delete item in an inventory software.

Great, I am glad that you worked it out.

As a rule, every Odoo method is available in Zato as well under the same name. You can just use most of your existing Odoo code as-is in Zato.