Error while importing enmasse


We have a problem since we’ve start using zato.
When we try to import enmasse.yaml, an error occurs :
sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (pg8000.core.OperationalError) {'S': 'ERROR', 'V': 'ERROR', 'C': '23505', 'M': 'duplicate key value violates unique constraint "rbac_client_role_client_def_role_id_cluster_id_key"', 'D': 'Key (client_def, role_id, cluster_id)=(sec_def:::basic_auth:::ide_publisher, 2, 1) already exists.', 's': 'public', 't': 'rbac_client_role', 'n': 'rbac_client_role_client_def_role_id_cluster_id_key', 'F': 'nbtinsert.c', 'L': '663', 'R': '_bt_check_unique'}

We have to delete a part of the enmasse file:

  - client_def: sec_def:::basic_auth:::ide_publisher

    client_name: sec_def:::basic_auth:::ide_publisher

    id: 1

    name: 'sec_def:::basic_auth:::ide_publisher:::IDE Publishers'


    role_id: 2

    role_name: 'IDE Publishers'

    type: rbac_client_role

When this part is gone, everything is ok, the enmasse is correctly imported

Any idea of why there is this problem ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hello @Thomas,

please upload the full enmasse.yaml file to let me reproduce this case.

Thank you.