Enmasse is broken on 3.0.0rc1


I am looking into the 3.0.0rc1 version. For smooth deployments I rely heavily on Enmasse (nice tool).
However, Enmasse seems to be broken, I filed an issue in the github repo:

Regards, Jan

Hello Jan,

thanks, I saw the ticket but was not able to reply to it yet.

The Enmasse class is required to have attributes defined in its parent class in _get_dispatch, such as _on_scheduler. However, they can be very well None because Enmasse works with servers only.

Can you, please, send a PR that implements it?


Hi Dariusz,

Thanx! Hopefully I can have a look at it tomorrow.

Regards, Jan

Great, thanks.

But you know, it could be made even simpler, in the ZatoCommand class there is this bit of _on_web_admin = _on_server = _on_lb.

You can just add _on_scheduler to it and this will do since Enmasse does not need to implement the method.