Enmasse fails with KeyError on 'namespaces'


I am trying to export a configuration with the enmasse command, but it fails with:

Command: /opt/zato/3.0/code/bin/zato enmasse --input /tmp/input.json --export-local --export-odb --verbose

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/bin/zato”, line 11, in
load_entry_point(‘zato-cli’, ‘console_scripts’, ‘zato’)()
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/zato_command.py”, line 362, in main
return run_command(get_parser().parse_args())
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/init.py”, line 354, in run_command
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/init.py”, line 630, in run
return_code = self.execute(args)
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/init.py”, line 907, in execute
return self._get_dispatch()json_data[‘component’]
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/enmasse.py”, line 1139, in _on_server
populate_services_from_apispec(self.client, self.logger)
File “/opt/zato/3.0/code/zato-cli/src/zato/cli/enmasse.py”, line 83, in populate_services_from_apispec
for service in response.data[‘namespaces’][’’][‘services’]:
KeyError: u’namespaces’

Regards, Jan

Hello @jjmurre,

thanks for reporting it - as it happens, there is already a GH ticket about it and I am working on it now:

Hello - this is done, please install the latest updates per the documentation here:


This is one of the changes in 3.0 - previously, any such quick fixes or additions had to wait for the next minor release and its packages but now everything can be quickly pulled through GitHub as soon as it is ready.

Yes, I can confirm that this works now, great, tx.!