Creating services can lock accounts, because initial password is incorrect


When outgoing services are created (SQL, SAP etc.) it seems that initially some kind of default password is used. In a second step, through the web admin, the password can be set.

However, even if the service is set to be inactive, Zato is frantically trying to connect to the outgoing service. For services that lock accounts after n wrong connection attempts, this is a problem.

I tried to use enmasse to avoid this problem. But, enmasse also uses a two-step approach when adding an outgoing service it seems. First a connection with a default passwd is being set, then the password is updated afterward. This also leads to locked accounts.

Is there a workaround for this in the current Zato (3.0)?

Regards, Jan

Hi @jjmurre,

you are right that an inactive outgoing connection should not try to connect to a remote resource - if this is not the case anywhere, please open a ticket in GitHub with information which type of an outgoing connection it concerns - this is needed because each one may potentially use a different mechanism underneath.