Create wsdl


I want to create a WSDL, my service contains an input_required named “data” which type is ListOfDicts :
input_required = (ListOfDicts(“data”), “methodName”)
How can I do it?

Hello @andrianina,

zato apispec might be possibly the tool for you - you can find it here:

Hi @dsuch
I saw your link thanks :slight_smile: , and I would know if it is possible to generate wsdl file in Zato?

Yes, this is what zato apispec is for, though you would need to check if it can handle your particular SimpleIO types.

Hi :slight_smile:

Can you give an example please?

@dsuch so is the case that you are saying here that

  1. if you create a zato SOAP service

  2. when you run zato apispec, the underlying open api libraries will generate a WSDL from your service definitions? (I haven’t tried it yet)

Hello @samuel.rose,

it works a bit differently:

  • Your service needs to use SimpleIO
  • You use zato apispec to generate documentation and API specifications
  • Everything is implemented by Zato, no OpenAPI libraries are involved