Create basic auth, api tokens, jwt via zato api

Is it supported to use the zato public api within services, to create api keys as discussed at and etc (the zato service auth methods)

Basically, I would like to make a “registration” zato Service, and create an api key in the code of my service for zato to use as discussed at isntead of creating the key in the admin ui. I guess this is covered in the public api, but can the public api be used from a zato service?

Also the online documentation for the public api appears to dead at the moment:

Hi Sam,

thanks for spotting the missing link - this is fixed.

As for the API, yes, you can invoke any service, including internal ones, using self.invoke - the workflow is the same as it is described here:

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Thanks Dariusz.

Just to be sure I follow:

We need to use zato client, even within a Zato Service and need to employ authentication etc as described in the blog post you linked to, is that right?

Oh my apologies for my understanding gap, I see

Hi Sam,

yes, you can use each service’s self.invoke to invoke another service, including internal ones that are otherwise invoked via REST APIs. There is no difference, it’s just a different method of accessing the same underlying functionality.

For instance, here you can see that creation of a JSON-RPC channel actually means creating a special kind of a REST channel, so self.invoke is used to call either zato.http-soap.create or zato.http-soap.edit.

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