CloudI Integration

Greetings Zato community,

I am now exploring integrating into zato, which would give Zato a concurrent poyglot component. Initial experiments have been promising. If there is long term interest please let me know. I do understand these kinds of experiments may not ever become part of the actual zato core software, but I am exploring appropriate ways to create plugins or extensions that I can update over time and keep in sync with zato, and use zato core api to connect with other integrations available in zato

I did notice there will be a “plugin” approach in forthcoming release, so I will keep an eye open for that

So, for the short term, to make progress with experiments I am modeling the BST approach somewhat to create a repeatable process

  1. Installing deps into zato extra paths etc
  2. adding to config
  3. Creating necessary SQL for the connections (as needed)
  4. Create server objects for the connections

I did also recall this (Migrated) Near-future development roadmap and so will pay attention to those developments in the context of “plugins”.

It seems a plugin is likely

  1. Adding deps to zato extra paths/machine
  2. Creating a new connection (for example )
  3. Then this is usable in services

However, I do recognize maybe there is no “convention” yet for where the “plugin” will live. But, I suppose one could follow the example of and add to the config which is clean enough. So, I will study that as a short term route for development and testing