Best practices to generate documention of my services and connections

What is the recommended way to build a documentation of my services and connections ?

Hello @sverbois,

there is a built-in command zato apispec which generates API specifications in Sphinx and OpenAPI formats.

It is the same one that is used to generate Zato’s own API documentation here:

The command outputs a Sphinx project that you can customize yourself or perhaps embed it in your own bigger set of Sphinx documents.

Thank you.
I missed the link to this information on the “Command line interface (CLI)” page (

So did I! That’s why I started my own Sphinx project on my Zato test prototype. I am mostly using default values of the sphinx-quickstart command, adding an API topic entry (links to the api.rst file, which is also the default approach on the Sphinx documentation).

I’ll post the results once I have them (right now I am in the middle of a number of things I don’t have a working version of the prototype to commit).