Authentication issue in Outgoing SQL connection - Zato3



I am using Zato 3 stable version. I am facing issues with configuring an outgoing SQL(Postgres) connection.

SQL connection is not being established even if I give the correct username and password. When I verified the PostgreSQL logs it is showing as authentication failed.

Upon further analysing this issue I see that the password is being encrypted and getting stored in the database. I suspect that the password is not being decrypted while establishing the SQL connection. This is because if I manually update the database entry to the plain text format then I was able to establish the SQL connection successfully.


Hey Kiran-
Have you check your pg_hba.conf file? Postgresql has pretty strict out-of-the-box auth security…

To test, from your zato environment, can you psql into your destination database?


@kiran_parepalli - I tried it with both PostgreSQL and MySQL and I cannot reproduce it, everything works correctly.

For reference, I’m using the version below (current latest), though there have been no changes to SQL connections for a while:

$ git log -1
commit b1336081bbf02950294ccc12724307d597b39266
Merge: 39693c9 80011aa
Author: Dariusz Suchojad <>
Date:   Sun Aug 26 09:59:35 2018 +0200

    Merge branch 'pre-support/3.0' into support/3.0


Hi Chad, Yes I was able to psql to the destination database. Might be the issue with the Zato sources.

With the latest source code files everything is working as expected.

Thanks for you help.