Appreciation and Gratitude


To all the developers and supporters of Zato I would like to say: THANK YOU.
I appreciate all the work that has been done, and I’m grateful for this amazing framework.

The Zato framework is smart, well designed, performant, well documented, and “it just works”.

Some of the highlights:
** The ability to rapidly iterate on code is insane. I setup SFTP on save in Sublime Text. I can save, jump to a shell, fire off a curl that triggers the service, and see results within seconds. In fact, just the deploy itself will show syntax errors when tailing the server.log instantaneously without having to execute the service.
** Easy to debug, great logging.
**Loving the JSONAdapter - I’ve been boiling down silly cloud api services into very clean and simple code.
self.patterns.invoke_retry.invoke = EPIC! One line of code basically handles navigate inconsistent cloud apis!
** Scheduler -> LOVE IT
** Postgresql connectivity -> Stupid simple
** The complete ease of using message queues.

Looking forward to:
** Using the Fan In/Out and Parallel patterns! Holy amazing.
** Writing code to integrate systems (FINALLY).

Zato is a wicked powerful toolset.

Warm Regards,
Chad Lancour
Wholesale Solar


Thank you @chadical - yes, Zato is meant to be practical, swift and straight to the point while retaining a significant power - it’s great to hear that you find it so!