Additional SimpleIO data formats


later in November or December I will be working on making SimpleIO behave in a plug-in-like manner, in the sense that it should be possible to attach one’s own serializers in addition to the already existing JSON, XML or SOAP ones and have them work automatically with SimpleIO.

In fact, in the GitHub version there is already one additional format called FixedWidth which de-/serializes from fixed-width documents that are commonly found in mainframe or certain Windows environments.

However, perhaps there are some data formats that you always wanted for Zato to support but there was no way to do it from user code - please let me know, I’d like to design and implement the new functionality in a way that will cover a broad range of formats, I will be very happy to discuss it in the forum.


Hm, CSV comes to mind, that would be useful. Is there anything else you can think of?